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We depend on our touchstones: psychological security, a stable income, protection from crime. Clothing, food, warm shelter
Modern psychology is increasingly focusing on the transformative potential of the narratives we construct to make sense of our experiences.
Life Lessons
Whether it’s hormones, lazy self-indulgence, childhood conditioning, or some toxic brew of the three, I have a gravitational pull toward seeing the cup as half empty.
A Metaphorical Journey Into Pleasure and Acceptance
The Magazine
Time In Thought
Happiness is peace of mind and knowing, “This is what G‑d wants for me right now. This is what He wants me to be doing or not doing, feeling or not feeling.”
Connecting to My Past, Present, and Future
I knew I wanted more than material abundance; I yearned for meaning and purpose, and I saw Judaism as a manual for a meaningful life with a mission statement.

Dear Readers,

And you shall take for yourselves . . . the splendid fruit of a tree, fronds of dates, the branch of the thick-leafed tree and aravot of the river . . .

On Sukkot, we make a blessing on the Four Kinds. Each one is so noticeably different; the tall, thin lulav, surrounded by leafy branches, opposite the round, robust etrog.

The midrash explains that the etrog, with its...

Our physical abodes, our material armaments, are just but a mirage. Inside the sukkah, as we look beyond the branches above us, we understand that only G-d is sheltering us. He is our shield.
— 7 Paradoxes About the Sukkah
Handy Household Hacks
Sharpie Dried Out?

Restore a dried-out sharpie by filling a shallow dish with rubbing alcohol and letting the tip of your sharpie bathe in there for a few minutes. Put the cap back on and it will be revived in about an hour.

Look Around

Do not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.

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